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rRecords Event Manager for Microsoft 365 :

Astertek provides a new Record Management standard for Microsoft365 customers. Fully integrated to Microsoft365, our technology allows your organization to deploy the solution in minimal time. Working within Microsoft Compliance Center, Astertek can be delivered in days as it does not require external solution such as complex rules engines, repository… All your data stays within your tenant and security set-up within Microsoft365 environment.

rRecord Event Manager closes the loop for Records Management with Microsoft365. It enables event-based retention for in-place or record center based electronic records. Event Manager runs on a schedule defined by the Record Manager. It crawls though your repositories to identify and process content requiring event base retention. Events are created for accurate calculation of retention period. The triggers align to your organizational retention schedule and are easily configured by Record Managers from our Astertek Compliance Centre.

Astertek Compliance Centre is a central dashboard to configure, manage and monitor your organizational Records. Event-based retention becomes real simple for both in-place or record centre approach. The dashboard monitors activities in real time and allow the Record Manager to keep on top of tasks, activities and in general user adoption. It provides full audit log for all activities related to event management for your records in management.

Our experience from many years of record management practice taught us the importance of end-user ease of use. To complement rRecord Event Manager, we have developed a set of tools to help users simply declare records and send them to your organizations record Center from their workspace.


Benefits of rRecords Event Manager for 365

  • Automated scheduled daily event processing
  • Automated scheduled daily event processing
  • Full audit log and error reporting on ACC

Benefits of rRecords for Sharepoint Addin

  • Consistent way to manage records no matter what platform or device.
  • Ease of use for end users to apply label and provide trigger date
  • Focused on records management core needs and metadata needed
  • Automated filing to record center
  • Conflict management


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