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Astertek a seamless way to manage your records.

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A seamless way to manage your records with Microsoft365

Astertek is specialized in Enterprise Content Management and Record Management using SharePoint Online. We are helping organizations to improve their security, achieve regulatory compliance, and save on costs on long-term management of documents and records.

Tightly integrated with Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance Center, Astertek add event base retention to Microsoft365 and tools to enable users to easily declare records. Our customer truly maximize their Microsoft 365 investment.

Astertek establishes a new standard for records management.

Why Astertek?

At Astertek, we value integrity and efficiency and competence. Our technology is a modern, efficient Record Management for the digital workplace. We deliver the information intelligence you need to achieve full regulatory compliance using Microsoft 365. We have learned the pain and requirements from many industries and Government when it comes to Compliance and record Management. Astertek technology extends Microsoft records management capacity. We add simplicity and strong user adoption options to guarantee a successful record Management project.


  • Irrespective of the location of the document, our tool securely search, classify, store, and destroy the expired data and records.
  • Allow user to add/edit or change the retention directly within O365 tenant.
  • Securely search, classify, store, and destroy the expired data and records within your Microsoft365 tenant.
  • Our tool will ensure you to along with the ability to all records remain in the Tenant and Tenant data governance/security.

Centralization and Ease of use

  • Management of all records and digital content centralized in one dashboard.
  • Efficient and rapid search and e-discovery across all the records within the management and report tool.
  • Easy to control and connect all kind of structured semi-structured, even unstructured data across Microsoft365 environment and solutions (Sharepoint, One-Drive, Teams, Email …).
  • User friendly add-ins to simplify record declaration for users within Microsoft main applications. Manage data content and records from Outlook, SharePoint, Microsoft Explorer as well as and office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)..… Add-in works in the application, on-line as well as the Mobile applications.

Cost-Effective and Higher Efficiencies

  • Easier to deploy than traditional complex Record Management solutions.
  • Tight integration with M365 Astertek :
    • Limits the change management costs and time both from a project and operation point of view.
    • Cut the need to use expensive external service or systems like complex rules engines, repository...
    • Avoid additional solution learning and optimize the M365 adoption process.
  • Easier and faster solution to support the record Manager efforts :
    • All records are centralized in a single dashboard.
    • Simple monitoring of the Record Management system adoption.
  • Cut down the operational and lawsuits costs with cloud-based Solutions.

What we do?

Astertek is here to help the industries when it comes to record management. We come with the solution to remove the daily hassle of maintaining the records or documents with end-to-end compliance and record management solutions.


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 Email-with-Lock rRecords for Microsoft 365 – Outlook Addin

 Windows Addin Icon rRecords for Desktop – Windows Addin

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